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Guest TUHUIPrinter

How to choose a UV printer

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Guest TUHUIPrinter

There are more and more UV printer manufacturers and sellers on the market. There are more than 100 large and small manufacturers now. There are countless machine brands and specifications, and prices vary from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Wait, when we choose a UV printer, we will be confused, so how should we choose a UV printer that suits us?

First of all, we must understand the UV printer
Just like when we buy computers and mobile phones, we must know their functions and parameters before buying these digital products. If we want to buy a good UV printer, we must first know what a UV printer is. , UV printer can also be called UV flatbed printer, UV flatbed inkjet printer, is a real industrial-grade printer, it can carry out large-scale color printing processing for a long time, the printing material requirements are flat, basically there are common in life Patterned products are all products of UV printers. UV printers mainly use UV inks. Of course, they can also print water-based and oil-based inks. At present, most of the common UV printers on the market are imported equipment. Each accessory is very important. The print head is the top priority. The print head determines the quality and speed of the print. Therefore, the cost of the print head is high, which determines the UV printer. The main factor of price. But we can't just stare at the nozzle and ignore the other parts of the machine. Some manufacturers use some low-quality accessories in China to shoddy and conceal customers. They try to tell customers that they are all the same and the price is very cheap. The customer believed it was true, bought this kind of machine, waited for a few months after it was used, and there were frequent failures, only to find out that it was cheated. Then we need to have a comprehensive understanding of the manufacturers of UV printers, and we can learn about the size of a manufacturer, the strength of the company, including its reputation and reputation from the Internet and telephone communication, and then select them. Then go to the manufacturer for on-site inspections to see whether the manufacturer has independent production and research capabilities, how well the brand is known, whether it can be recognized by customers and the market, and whether the after-sales service is complete. Among them, after-sales service is the most important, because it is related to whether the machine failure can be solved quickly in the future, and it is an important factor to ensure the smooth progress of production.

Choose according to your own needs
When choosing a UV printer, you must also clarify your industry use, and distinguish whether it is used for industrial production or small batch production, or home production. If it is used for industrial-grade large-volume long-term large-format printing, it is necessary to choose a large format UV printer with high production efficiency, fast printing speed, and stable operation. At present, there are three common mainstream industrial UV printers in China. One is Ricoh nozzles. It has the highest precision among these industrial heads, and the speed is very fast. More than 80% of imported machines use Ricoh nozzles. Use in cold places can ensure the constant temperature of UV ink and ensure the normal use of the machine. Konica nozzles are all Sealed nozzle, waterproof, anti-aging, double-row ink inlet tube, uniform flow and pressure, Ricoh nozzle UV printer guarantees both perfect precision and high stable industrial printing. The second is: the Konica nozzle machine, the ink drop of the Konica nozzle is 42PL, which is the same type of nozzle as the Seiko nozzle. The machine has good stability and is only suitable for effects with very low requirements for printing effects, especially for text printing. No realization, the only advantage is the industrial nozzle, which ensures the stability of the machine. The third is Seiko print heads. The advantage of Seiko print heads is that they are cheap and the speed is not inferior to Konica print heads. They are only suitable for low-end printing and low-end markets, but their print head chips, circuit boards, etc. are outside. It is easy to cause a short circuit in the circuit, and burn the nozzle, and print some products with graininess. If you want to process large-scale batches for a long time, you can use the above nozzle machine. If your output is not very high or you are just starting to do it, you should choose a medium format UV printer with simple operation and high efficiency, Ricoh UV printer nozzles, the common specifications are 2500mm*1300mm and 2000mm*3000mm. If it is a home production, you need to choose a small-format UV printer that is easy to operate and maintain, and has a low stand-alone cost. It is recommended to use 600mm*900mm and 1500mm*1000mm. In addition, you can also choose a printer according to your production business. If you want to print large materials, choose a larger UV flatbed printer. For signs, signs and other types of production and printing, choose medium-format printers, small gifts, mobile phone cases and other personalized products. Surface UV printer is suitable.

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