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Guest TUHUIPrinter

Several major reasons affecting uv flatbed printer

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Guest TUHUIPrinter

When the UV flatbed printer prints poorly, have you done a self-check? In addition to the equipment itself, there may be other reasons.
1. Operating skills: The use of UV flatbed printer is one of the factors that directly affect the printing effect, so the operator must receive more professional training to get started, so that high-quality products can be printed. When purchasing a UV flatbed printer, the user can ask the manufacturer to provide corresponding technical training guidance and machine maintenance methods.
2. Coating treatment: Part of the printed material needs to be equipped with a special coating to print the pattern on the surface of the material more perfectly. The treatment of the coating is very important. The first point must be uniform, so that the coating can be uniformly colored; the second is to choose the right coating, which cannot be mixed. At present, the coating is divided into hand-wiping coating and spraying.
3. UV ink: UV flatbed printers need to use special uv ink, which is usually sold by manufacturers. The quality of UV ink will directly affect the printing effect, and different inks should be selected for machines with different nozzles. It is best to buy directly from the manufacturer or use the ink recommended by the manufacturer. Because the manufacturers and uv ink manufacturers have carried out various deployments, there are inks that can be adapted to the nozzle.
4. Printing material: The operator's understanding of the material will also affect the printing effect. The UV ink itself will react with the printing material and will penetrate a certain percentage. Different materials have different degrees of penetration, so the operator's familiarity with the printing materials will affect the final printing effect. Generally, metals, glass, ceramics, wood boards and other high-density materials; ink is difficult to penetrate; therefore, it is necessary to cooperate with the coating for processing.
Fifth, the picture itself: when there is no problem with the UV flatbed printer, it is necessary to consider whether it is a factor of the printed picture itself, if the picture itself has very ordinary pixels, then there must be no good printing effect. Even if the picture is refined, it cannot achieve higher quality printing results. 

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