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Guest TUHUIPrinter

When choosing a uv flatbed printer, how to distinguish whether the printing effect of the uv printer is good or bad?

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Guest TUHUIPrinter

When choosing a uv flatbed printer, you should consider what your own needs are. Generally speaking, there are the following problems
1. What materials need to be printed? Whether it is a hard material or a soft material, whether it needs to be kept outdoors or indoors for a long time without fading, and whether it requires environmental protection, this will determine whether you need to buy a UV flatbed printer. If your requirement is one of the following
1. To print hard materials, the advantage of UV flatbed printers is that they can print hard materials, which other printers cannot do.
2. The color does not fade for more than 3 years outdoors or more than 10 years indoors. UV inks are currently on the market with long weather resistance.
3. The requirements are environmentally friendly. Now with the economic development, the government's requirements for the environment are getting higher and higher. UV inks are environmentally friendly inks that can meet the requirements of the environment.
Second, what about the accuracy requirements? If the accuracy requirements are general, you can choose the nozzles used on the advertising inkjet printers, such as Seiko and Konica nozzles. These nozzles have large nozzles and thick spray points, so the accuracy is very low and the picture effect is blurred. If high precision is required, choose a machine with Epson print heads in Japan, because Epson print heads are used on high-precision printers. The printing accuracy is very high, the picture effect is very clear, and the printed photos of people are very clear.
After I determined my needs, I also found the flatbed printer I wanted. How do I distinguish the printing effect of a UV printer? Like a person with rich experience who has been in the industry for many years, how should people who are new to the industry distinguish it? TUHUI summarized some aspects for your reference.
1. Color. Color is an intuitive reflection of print quality, which is mainly reflected in the saturation of ink. On the equipment with the same equipment, whoever has the advantage in the use of nozzles, color management, and ink quality, the color effect of the printing will naturally not be bad.
Second, the level. Gradation is a stepped reflection of the color depth of the original. The layer in black and white printing is mainly reflected by grayscale quality, and the transition of color depth is required to be steep and uniform. Kyocera print head multi-level grayscale inkjet technology, and has veteran applied this technology to various plans.
Third, clarity. The clarity is mainly reflected in the clarity of the image summary and image details. The clarity is related to the quality of the original manuscript, the quality of the print head, and the stability of the machine during the printing process. One of the common praises of uv printers produced by TUHUI in the industry is stability. This is due to TUHUI's strict compliance with industrial specifications in the design and production of equipment.
Fourth, commonality. Commonality is also called uniformity. On the one hand, it means that the ink color should be uniform before and after printing. On the other hand, it means that the ink color of products printed in batches should be common.
5. Robustness. The first inspection of the firmness is the firmness of the printed pattern attached to the material. The UV curing system, the quality of the UV ink, and the characteristics of the printed material will all affect the firmness. Of course, through the varnish plan, the firmness can be greatly improved.

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