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Guest TUHUIPrinter

The main advantages of wall painting machine, manufacturers must choose brand manufacturers. What is the market prospect of wall painting machine?

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Guest TUHUIPrinter

What is the market prospect of wall painting machine? Is the wall painting machine market good? With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and material needs, people began to pay attention to health preservation, ideological and aesthetic issues. Everyone is thinking about how to make their home look more beautiful and warm, and the room is more colorful and individual. According to foreign media survey, if the company painted the wall to make the environment more pleasant, then the company's business quota will increase by about 10% over the same period. Wall painting can appear anywhere, and the market prospect of wall painting will be better and better, at the same time, it will become more and more competitive.

Painter takes the wall as a stage, depicts the taste with color, researches and develops high-tech activated carbon, toner and carbon and silicone pigments, integrates intelligence, fool operation, artistic creativity, automatic depiction and environmental protection and ventilation, integrates contemporary technology with ancient wall painting art, crosses time and space, ignores distance, and lets Feitian settle in his home to reproduce the floating picture of prosperous times!


The wall printing machine adopts environmental protection organic pigment, which is full and fresh in color, durable and waterproof. The price of the painting machine is also biased towards the general public. There is no need to ask a hand-painted master for wall creation. Personalized customization, setting up a computer and painting equipment for self-painting, everyone can operate it, saving trouble and effort. Computer creative designs, massive galleries as papers, creative unconstrained style, and what you see is what you get.



Generally, we divide the wall painting market into four categories.


1. outdoor cultural wall.

The construction of outdoor cultural walls in cities and beautiful countryside is a project that government departments attach great importance to. For a long time, the funds and efforts are very large. It is an image project specially designed for the construction of public culture and spiritual civilization to reflect and enhance the integration of urban and rural areas. It is presented in every corner of the city with different design styles and contents. .....

As far as the scale of the project is concerned, every year there will be new construction of cultural walls, and the content of the old cultural walls will be updated. There is no end to it every year! For the painting industry, this is undoubtedly an attractive market, and its profits and benefits are self-evident.

2. Public wear market.

The area of public buildings is about 5.1 billion square meters, and the total construction area of commercial buildings is about 10 billion square meters. And presents the development trend of increasing year by year. There are many three-dimensional spaces (such as campus, kindergartens, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, medical institutions, parks, monasteries, bars, fitness clubs, office buildings, various commercial buildings or public places ...), which can not be separated from the corresponding humanized painted decoration design. As long as actions are taken, the market will be extremely profitable.

3. Home improvement market.

The interior decoration industry is enormous. Indoor and outdoor of many commercial buildings, single-family villas and private courtyards (TV background wall, sofa background wall, small study room, bedroom, children's room, indoor stair corridor and kitchen and bathroom; The front and back gardens, the outer walls of the courtyard ... can be decorated with art, which is undoubtedly a tempting gathering place for wealth for painting practitioners.

4. Advertising decoration.

The annual output value of the decoration industry reaches 100 billion yuan RMB: the cost of a general advertising signboard is more than 10 yuan, and the market can reach hundreds of yuan. The printing cost of each piece of advertising promotional products only needs a few cents, and the profit of a business can reach thousands of yuan. A typical LED billboard earns hundreds of dollars. ......


The wall painting industry will have a good market prospect in the future, but for the venture capital, it doesn't need to invest a lot, just choose a reliable wall printer manufacturer to buy a piece of equipment to do the project, and the return on investment is also very high. The cost of TUHUI wall printer ink is less than 3 yuan money per square meter, but the standard charge for outdoor cultural wall is 60-100 yuan, and the interior decoration can be as high as 150-300 yuan per square meter, making a considerable profit.

TUHUI Wall printer is very suitable for starting a business.



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