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Guest TUHUIPrinter

Wall painting machine: It is derived from ancient mural art, combined with European and American graffiti, and has been brought into the design of modern home culture by many avant-garde designers, forming a unique home decoration style.
The wall painting machine uses the wall as a stage, depicts taste with color, and uniquely develops high-tech activated carbon toner, carbon essence and silicone pigments. It integrates intelligence, fool operation, artistic creativity, and automatic depiction.
Environmental protection, ventilation and multi-function integration, the perfect integration of contemporary technology and ancient wall painting art, travel through time and space, ignoring distance, let Feitian settle in the home, reproduce the flourishing age!
A new type of wall sticker is also popular at the moment. Although the wall sticker with similar beautification effect is convenient, it is too flat, the pattern texture is too monotonous, and it is easy to stain or damage.
When it is torn off, it may leave an ugly mark on the wall, which is difficult to satisfy the fashion taste of young people. Wall painting can make up for this shortcoming.
As long as you like, you can put it on any wall or other place you want, and match and embellish your furniture and environment to make the space more harmonious and individual!
If you want to change the background for a long time, just apply a layer of white paint on the original painted wall and you can draw a new pattern. "Changeable and fashionable wall painting will definitely become a new feature for more families. landscape."
The wall printing machine uses special environmentally friendly organic pigments, the color is full and fresh, durable and waterproof. The wall creation does not need to invite a hand-painted master, completely personalized customization, set up the computer,
Color painting equipment self-injection, everyone can operate, save time and effort, computer creative patterns, massive library as manuscripts, creative ideas, freely, what you see is what you get.
The wall painting machine adopts advanced multi-axis motion full computer control system, Powerpc processor, 1EEE12844 bidirectional ECP parallel port transmission interface,
EN-RTC, HP-RTC, HP/GL-2 language mode, windows95/98/XP computer output program, no template, direct printing, bright colors, lifelike as color photo level
Interior wall painting
Applicable to all interior walls that need to be decorated, such as homes, office spaces, hotels, restaurants, kindergartens, entertainment and leisure centers, KTVs...you can sway the unconstrained creativity, and the monotonous and quiet walls are instantly full of spirituality.
Direct advertising
Spray directly on the wall, without intermediate media, and integrate with the wall, making the advertising effect more intuitive and lifelike! Become a beautiful scenery on the street! Direct injection experts, not afraid of wind and rain,
Let the picture be firmly attached to the wall and save the complicated installation procedures in the past. In the low-carbon era, what you want is environmental protection!




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