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  1. Fix Store Dupe - Fix Duel MinLevel - Add Reload Command - Add Reward Command - Add ChangeClass Command - Add OnlineLottery Event - Add Disconnect User in GameServer Menu - Add Start OnlineLoterry GameServer Menu - Add OffStore and OffAttack count in GameServer Title Bar -> (UPDATE 2) - Add Info Command - Add Change Name Command - Add BanAcc Command - Add BanChar Command - Add DynamicEffect in Main - Add Max Use Time in Attack command - Add Option to disable Online User/GM Message - Add Event Hide and Seek - Add Event Run and Catch - Add option to disable exp message on kill mob - Change MaxCustom Wings to 100 - Fix Money remove when use ResetTable system. - Fix Socket jewel aplly in no socket item - Fix CustomEffect problems in Main.dll - Fix remove BC,DS,IT invite - Fix Skill elf on /attack - Fix Clear Effects on change class - Fix /store bless Crash - Add Custom Summon on Kill Mob - Evento Veloz - /openevent /join - Disable/Enable Skill Effect (Ex: Cyclone) - Add Custom exp on Offattack and Autoreset -> (UPDATE 3) - Add MakeSet Command - Add Drop Command - Option to Remove Offstore/offattack in OnlineLottery - Jewel of socket Aply in pentagram (Season8) - ADD gift command - Add Custom Quest System - Add Russian Roulette Event - Add Max Use Time in Store command - New King of Mu Event - Add Reward Coins in BC,DS,CC - add /toprr /topmr etc - Somente gm fazer o casamento - Disable Wing Mix Class -> (UPDATE 4) - Remove Class in Main (RF,SU,DL) - Custom Auto Quiz Event - Need ticket to change name Option - Custom WingMix (Chaos Mix) - Custom Death Message - Custom Npc Collector (trade items per Coins) - Readd point command - Advanced Make itens (/make, /drop, /makeset) - Custom Rank User System - Disable HP Bar of Monster or User Option - Updated JoinServer to fix dupes - Allow Pk enter in events (BC,CC,DS) -> (UPDATE 5) - New Gamserver Interface - Message Box on Close JS, DS - Option TimeToEnter in new events - Add Delay Option in Custtom Attack - Add Delay to Use Potions in Custom Attack - Add Auto buff em Custom Attack - Attack command disable when set /attack again - Add Custom Attack per Map - Add Custom attack skill - Add Auto Pick command - PK Item Drop System - On login disconnect online account - Fix when kill Kundun in k6 move to k7 -> (UPDATE 6) - Show time to start events in GS - Start Blood Castle Option in GS menu - Start Devil Square Option in GS menu - Start Chaos Castle Option in GS menu - Start Illusion Temple Option in GS menu - New Procedures WZ_RankingBloodCastle - New Procedures WZ_RankingDevildSquare - New Procedures WZ_RankingChaosCastle - New Procedures WZ_RankingIllusion Temple - Combo skills for all class - Enable Cs Skills in All Maps - Add shop to buy vip - Custom ranking in game - New command /remaster - New command /ajuda (help) - New command /startbc (help) - New command /startds (help) - New command /startcc (help) - New command /startit (help) - Released 10 custom maps - Released 10 custom bows/crossbows - Disable Reflect Effect - Auto reward run and catch event - Auto reward hide and seek event - Auto reward russian roulette event - Auto reward quickly event - Auto reward Online Lottery event - Fix Set item drop in event item bag - Fix Put Custom Wings in Chaos Machine - Fix RF Skill Client Crash -> (UPDATE 7) - Print screen with logo - RankUser by MasterReset or Reset - Command/description system - New Command.txt system - Require coins to use commands - New Command disablePVP - New Command Lock/Unlock - Fix Active MuHelper + CustomAttack at same time - Fix duel level message - Fix dead gates of custom mapas - Fix Start Events crash - Improvements events times - /pick best performace - Fix Open Multi-game lag -> (UPDATE 8) - New Command MoveAll - New Command MoveGuild - Event Time Window - Commands Window - New PvP Event (x1) - New Event KillAll - New Custom Menu - BuyVip - Add vip types qtd - Add triple shot skill in /attack - Fix DarkSpirit Attack in offpvp - Update in events time in GS -> (UPDATE 9) - Common Shop with Socket/Ancient Options - Advanced ZenDrop System - New Command /SetCoin - New Command /Pack jewel - New Command /spot - New Command /startquiz - New Command /startdrop - New Command /startking - New Command /startvt - Custom Sell/Buy Value in Common Shop - Bloc word in change name - Add MasterReset required in CustomMove - Add New Dl/Elf Skills in /Attack - CustomCombo improvements - New Team vs team Event - Removed RankUser in Chaos Castle - Removed disabled events in EventTime - Fix Kriss lag - Fix RankUser Reward - Fix HpBonus Descrease life - Fix Reload Event time -> (UPDATE 10) - Add Fog effect - Add Smoke effect - Custom disable effects - New MiniMap - Fix Kalima + OffPvp - Fix CommandDescription with % - Fix Store with time - Fix visual skills in attack - Fix Repair All in BlackSmith - Fix DarkSpirit in Offpvp -> (UPDATE 11) - Add infinity arrow auto buff - Add /attack auto resume - Add Tvt Event Min/Max Users - Add command notice if need coin to use - Add Expire Date/Message in /banacc command - Add Expire Date/Message in /banchar command - Add auto remove ban - Disable MiniMap with TAB - Guild Warehouse - Custom Monster/NPC - Custom NPC name - Custom Shops with same NPC - Fix trade events with /re off - Fix full zen bug trade+command - Fix Gameserver maximize layout - Fix PvP Event Respaw -> (UPDATE 12) - Custom NPC move - CustomCommandInfo (v2) - Custom RankUser OverHead - Custom Party Icon - Trade Value - Party Disable PK - New Anti SpeedHack Skill System - Update TvtEvent new requistes - Add Auto Heal Skill in /Attack - Add Global Password System - Option to show Rankuser in all places - Option to Hide Reset in Rankuser - Option to Hide MReset in Rankuser - Option to Change MReset name in Rankuser - Disable Party HpBar option - Increase CustomShops to 100 - Fixes in custom buy vip windows -> (UPDATE 13) - GS and GSCS new interface - MasterReset remove fixed resets - Command Start Invasion - Command Start Custom Arena - Custom Quest Command (v2) - Custom EventTime (v2) - Custom Npc Quest - Custom Npc Name up to 100 - Custom Pick (v2) - Add Custom Pick Excelent - Add Custom Pick Socket - Add Custom Pick SetItem - Enable Lucky item trade - Disable Duel Restore HP - Disable Duel Restore SD - Require Reset/MResets to enter in room - Add Reset/MasterReset Requisite on Create Character - Fixes in MapServerMove - Other Minor Fixes -> (UPDATE 14) - Add Custom RF Gloves - Add Custom Interface - Speed SkillHack auto bloc character - Add PK disable shop option - Add PK disable trade option - Add SummonMonsterRate in CustomMonster.txt - Add ShowPing in game option - Add ShowFps in game option - Stop Auto Reset when vip is over - Fix auto move from Icarus if dinorant/fenrir died - Fix DL Summon Party Skill (PK) - Fix Pk Item drop to PkLevel 3 only - Fix BuyVip + CustomStore - Fix Reset remove zen - Fix OffPvp command in Events - Fix in Disconnect Accounts - Fix Npc Quest Add Buff -> (UPDATE 15) - Add Duel MaxScore Option - Add CustomMove to CustomNpcCommand - Add Pk Drop Item by map Option - Add Berserker Buff in Custom Attack (SUM) - Auto Reward Online Users System - Auto Party buff Mana shield in Custom Attack - Add Custom Mix - Skill Summon enable PK Move Option - MapManager.txt updated - Guild Assistant/Battle Master can get Cs Crown - Fix Master Reset check in Custom Move -> (UPDATE 16) - Client Error logs moved to Logs folder - Add Custom Bow/Crossbow (V2) - Custom Pet System - Disable Move List (M) Option - Disable Set +15 Effect Option - Increased Set items limite to 255 - Increased Custom Bow limit to 100 - Increased Custom Effects to 5000 - Increased Custom NpcName to 200 - Fix mini wing preview - Fix Custom Store close button -> (UPDATE 17) - Add Option CS Reset Accumulated Time when die - Command OffPvP by Map - Command Helper by Map - Custom Advanced Status - Custom Increase FPS - Fix Custom Interface + Crywolf Score - Fix Custom Interface + Cs Minimap - Fix Custom Interface Dark heaven skill position - Fix Custom Item inventory turn on mouse over - Fix mob movement when it is dying - Fix Ring Starter increase damage and speed attack - Fix Custom Pet Fly Icarus/Tarkan - Fix ChaosMachine+Expansion Invent problem - Increase GameServer performance -> (UPDATE 18) - Auto Disable Custtom Attack Command when vip is over - Auto Disable Custtom Pick Command when vip is over - Auto Disable Auto Add Command when vip is over - Auto Disable OffPvp Command when vips is over - Allow Mu Helper + Inventory Option - Add Command Set PK - Custom Pet increased to 100 - Disable CashShop Option (X) - Disable Command Window (D) Option - Disable FullMap (Tab) Option - Increased Custom Monster performance - Increased Death Stab Skill performance - Increased MU Helper Max Time - Trade By Map option -> (UPDATE 19) - Custom Cloak - Custom Disable Systems -> (UPDATE 20) - Change Character Delete level option - Increase max invasion to 50 - Custom Font System - Server Time - Message.txt multi-language - Fix chat in russian language - Fix Item 0,41 repair - Fix PrintScreen in 1366x768 resolution - Remove MuError.log option -> (UPDATE 21) - Add 9 New Maps Slots (Total 18) - Increase Max Custom Monsters to 200 - Changed ExpBar in the interface Season 2/8 - New Custom Interfaces - Reduce Memory use (v2) - Fix Marlon Auto move - Fix Cashshop button with Season 2 interface - Fix DisableSkillEffect client crashs - [AntiDupe] New System antidupe to show in log the dupes - [AntiDupe] Disabled Helper Config window click when use the Chaos maxhine - [AntiDupe] Disabled CashShop open when have a item in the Chaos - [AntiDupe] Check Dupes when move item in the Warehouse and inventory - [AntiDupe] Check Dupes when logout chacter + New Downgrade Options - New Inventory + Character Status - Esc Menu no Window - Events without master level BC - Events without master level DS - Events without master level CC - Disable 380 mix in the CM - Disable Battle Zone in the Move M - Golden Dragon in the sky - Marlon (Npc Quest) Auto Teleport - Disable mouse click effect for downgrade - Disable Socket Text in inventory - Disable Set Item Text in inventory -> (UPDATE 22) - Add AntiFlood System - Add Dragon Sky Switch ON/OFF - Select character animations option - Select server change room names - Custom Summon Scroll sytem - Elf Buffer Show Quest Window Option - Fix stop Sky dragon when invasion ends - Fix Excellent items glow - Fix Dark Horse look around - Fix Custom Monster HP Bar - Fix DragonSky in the GSCS - Fix new Dupe Type - Fix Move from icarus if no use a wing or pet -> (UPDATE 23) - Add Change Item power system (Dmg, Def) - Increased max CustomJewel to 50 - New GS Interface - Fix Master skill issues - Fix Client Crashs when use panda ring in Kanturu - Fix Show +Skill in the drop name - Announce Chaos Mix (v2) -> (UPDATE 24) - Custom Pet increased to 512 - Disable Set +15 Effect Option (v2) - New Monster hp bar type - New Player hp/sd bar type - Change ImgsMapName to Interface folder - Organization of Custom folder - Fix Bless use in Item 0,41 - Fix Trade delay - Fix Trade Zen Limit - Fix Store Zen Limit - Fix Warehouse Zen Limit - Fix icon in Main Window - Add CustomArenaNpc - Add BlockPkMove option in gates - Add BuffIconType option - Add Custom Login Message - Add item requeriment to CustomNpcMove - Alarm time and trumpet sound to InvasionManager + New Upgrade and Downgrade Options - Removed Menu and Credit button in Select Server - Add New type to CustomInterfaceHelperBar - Guild Master button organization - Fix Skill tooltip position - Fix Slide help position - Disable FastMenu key (U) - Cinematic black bar size - Custom Blood Castle - Custom Devil Square -> (UPDATE 25) - Max Plugin increased to 5 - CastleSiegeGetCrownTime option - SeniorMix unlimited option - Speed SkillHack blockdays option - Fix CastleSiegeDamageRate - Fix ReAdd command Creditos X-Team, MuEmu, louis, emersonx13, takumi, kapocha, Lude, Odisk, melo, Bimaloha, Kind, Llalex, RafhaelSouza, LTP-Team, Denis Alves, Kosh, MyHeart, Nemesis, rodrigo117 ----------------------------------- Descargas ----------------------------------- MuServer + MAININFO http://www.mediafire.com/file/rxf8at0ve44j1h9/MU+Server+-+MU+EMU+-+Update+24+-+10-09-2020.rar/file Cliente S6 Clean Only 190MB https://www.mediafire.com/file/gme7estq5vbnert/Cliente+Base+MU+EMU+-+Update+24+-+10-09-2020.rar/file DOWNLOAD UPDATE FIX MAIN.DLL FOR ADD CUSTOM ITEMS http://www.mediafire.com/file/87dr0l1gdgbk70h/Main+Fix+Custom+Items+-+Update+24.rar/file DOWNLOAD MESSAGE.TXT TO FIX /QUEST AND NPC QUEST http://www.mediafire.com/file/pyqclq9attzx124/Message_eng.txt/file
  2. ======================================== Main no abre ======================================== - Chequea tu antivirus que no te lo este bloqueando. - Agrega el MAIN al DEP. - Tener todas las redistributables instaladas. Opcional del MemRelease.dll - Para utilizarlo deben tener "Visual c++ Runtime" instalado en su pc. En caso de no querer utilizarla y todos cargar el main con normalidad, entras a MainInfo.ini y buscas la linea PluginName[X] = "MemRelease.dll" y borramos el "MemRelease.dll". ======================================== Main cierra a la mitad de la carga ======================================== - Chequear las texturas, al agregar un item o algo que te lea el archivo o no te lo lea pero este necesitando sus texturas y no las encuentre, eso genera crash a la mitad de la carga. ======================================== Main cierra al finalizar carga ======================================== - Puedes intentar agregar al Main al DEP - Chequea al aplicar un update adicionar todo de lo que yo les envio, todos los archivos que yo dejo en la carpeta Cliente .ozt orden por orden, eso genera crash al finalizar la barra si no lee una imagen. ======================================== Logs: ======================================== Log UP1: - New Button in Close Custom Store - Sistem Post Item + new X,Y cord in interface - Sistem Animations in select Char - Change Copyright select server - New item.ico interfaces emulator + getmaininfo. - Sistem Right Click Mouse - New Lorencia interface - New Noria interface - Select Server interface x700 - Select Char interface S13 - New Interface S6 (select server, select char) - Generator PremiumKG + getmaininfo - Add +5 Plugins (getmaininfo) - Add - use inventory on MuHelper - Desactivado MuError[cliente] - Repair Anti-Inject ds,js - Optimization to local folder (Text.bmd, Movereq.bmd, Item.bmd) in Local - Master Skill (A) New Interface + Functions! - Fix kriss Lag - Optimization to local folder (Skill.bmd, SocketItem.bmd, Dialog.bmd, Quest.bmd) in Local - New balance PVP - Speed balance. - F4 (time on, time off) - F5 (minimap on, minimap off) - Fix RF /attack - Acelerador graficos ARP + FPS Up2: - Add CustomGloves - Fix CustomWings - Add CustomChatX700 (GetMainInfo - (1 on, 0 off)) - Add LimitTradeZen (GetMainInfo - (1 = 999,999,999, 0 = 99,999,999)) - Fix Rings - CustomDowngrade(Helper,Gens,TabMap,XShop,Menu(U),LuckyItem,MapList(M) - (1: On, 0: Off)) - Interface Downgrade 99 - Fix Custom Monster Killed - Fix Chat interface - Fix RF skill - Remove Inventory Text - Add custom Pet - Fix refresh {customwings,pets,etc..} Up3: - Fix Pet teleport / Ring Monsters - Cambiar Select S13 para S6 y Downgrade - CustomFont adicionado! - CustomElfSoldier adicionado! - Master Skill [ADD] Dark Horse defense reparado. - Lenguaje [eng,spn,por] adicionado [GS/GSCS] - [data/util/translate]. - CloseGame ( - On/Of = [GS/GSCS] - Common.dat - Fix Rank Titles - Adicionado para Downgrade CustomDowngradeButtonD - Adicionado Interface [s2,s3] custominterfacetype = 4 - Adicionado fuente de letras [cliente - settings.ini] - Modificado [NpcName(%)] a la carpeta [./data/local/NpcName.txt] - Deshabilitado CustomMonster [Desde Main/MainInfo -> En up4 On] Up4: - Change Name Server [on,of + names (maininfo)] - Add Info Player [windows] - New Disables for Downgrade [97,S2,S3] - Adicionado CustomMonster - Liberacion de Mapas [GS,GSCS,Main] - WindowsInfo downgrade, upgrade - Adicionado [RTT - FPS] windows Info [maininfo] - TimeBar modificado coord[X] - Para Downgrade,upgrade - Reparado ServerTime [maininfo] - Fix Maps Interface x700 - Fix Dl Skill Interface x700 - Fix Box Skill Interface x700 - Elf Soldier Quests Up5: - Audio on/off event - Fix auto move from Icarus if dinorant/fenrir died - Fix Invasion Dragon Red - Fix Invasion Golden Dragon - adicionado Golden Monster - Adicionado Block [K] en el PersonalShop para Downgrade - Adicionado Block [K] en el Baul para downgrade - Adicionado Zyron Quest - Adicionado Block [H] Button in inventory - Adicionado Block Expand Inventory - BOT Alquimist System - Fix TvT event UP6: - Reparación de mapas custom + music [client] - Fix Maps custom [CS/CSGS] - Downgrade disable effect items full +15 - Adicionado CustomNPCItems - Fix Dark Horse look around - Adicionado Quest Marlon Teleport - Reparación de chaos machine - Opcion a remover Select char Animations - Adicionado Premio por tiempo online [WC,WP,GP] - Adicionado al [translate] mensajes de alquimista [Linea 873 a 887] - Fix Move Items - Adicionado Item Position [Main|MainInfo] UP7: - Fix Custom Items Guard(1,2) Names - Adicionado Custom Stats Info - Sistema Custom Smith Item - Sistema Custom LuckyWheel - Removida [ImgBox(ESC)] para downgrade. [97,s2,s3] - Adicionada [Sombra de items] Downgrade[97,s2,s3] - Adicionado [SmithItem, LuckyWheel]-> Menu Custom - Adicionado [Translate Text SmithItem, LuckyWheel [GS/GSCS]] - Adicionado [Custom Menu Options s6 + upgrade] - Adicionado [Custom Menu Options downgrade] - Fix Custom NPC Names - Adicionado [Draw FPS en pantalla + Menu Op] UP8: - Adicionado Remover battle zone [M] maininfo.ini - Fix Anti-DUP CHAOSMACHINE[MAIN,GS] - Adicionado Remover Interface text [socket op, set op] maininfo.ini - Fake button [D] - Adicionado Camera [Main.dll] [F9:ON,F10:OFF] - Adicionado ChatExpand - Adicionado Menu Options Keyboard [F4] - Sistema ModelEffect 100% [OffMap: ChaosCastle[1-7],ValleyOfLoren,LandOfTrials] - PetEffect Static [Base] - PetEffect Dynamic[Base] - PetSize - Fix barra negra en Mapa Swamp [56] [InterfaceType(2)] - Removido Button Hiden Chat [InterfaceType(2)] - Movida [Y] Buttons + [InterfaceType(2)] - Fix martillo [InterfaceType(2)] - Adicionado draw exp [InterfaceType(2)] %% - Fix Block Mouse Menus [InterfaceType(2)] - Removido Text bloodcastle 8[level master] downgrade - Removido Button bloodcastle 8[level master] downgrade - Removido [U menu -> Gens,TabMap] downgrade - Removido Devil Square Downgrade [level master] - Removido Chaos Castle downgrade [level master] UP9: - Opción a remover [SelectServerX700] por uso de [World74,Object74] para SelectCharS13 - Adicionado CustomBow - CustomCrossBow - Fix [PetBoxLife] - Quedaba ensima del text de cantidad de flechas [ELF] - Adicionado Icono Windows Client. - Adicionado MuHidden [F12]. - Adicionado Icono al MuHidden [F12] - Adicionado CustomCloak Animations. - Fix Refresh CustomCloaks. - Fix CustomCloak en ModelEffect online. - Fix BackGround Logo - Fix PetEffect [Beta] - Fix Speed Attack Visual [Main.dll] - Adicionada para aparecer Dragon Flying solo en Map de la Invasion - Fix Dragon Flying Dragon Atlans - Fix Remover Flying Dragon Al terminar - Fix [Update Crédits use Alchemist] - Fix [Update Crédits buy Smith Item] - Fix [Update Crédits use LuckyWheel] - Fix [ItemToolTip] - Fix [Positioning of skills information [downgrade]] - Fix [(D) Buttón in downgrade bar [downgrade]] - Fix [Slide Text moved (Y)Coord from the top to bottom downgrade mode] - Modification in the Copyright of the SelectServer - Start MuHelper [Mouse button center] - Configuration's Active/Desactive MuHelper Click Mouse button center [MainInfo.ini "CustomNews"] - Configuration's in Camera [MainInfo.ini (ZoomMin,ZoomMax,RotationSensivility) "Camera"] - Optimized BotAlquimista(Many codes that were not used and among other errors.) - Fix Auto Disable CustomAttack when vip is over. - Fix Auto Disable AutoReset when vip is over. - Add command [/setpk <Player>] Command line 82. - Fix [Button[D] MenuCustom (Open/Close in button)] - XML library integration - Sistem Anti-Flood [IP] - Sistem UnBan Anti-Flood [IP] - Modification in the GameServer interface. - Fix Stats Info values. - Modification in the Stats Info Interface. - Modifications in PetEffect Files [CustomPetEffectStatic|CustomPetEffectDynamic] - Beta - CustomMove[No-Limit] Modification of the code and new functions. [Custom/CustomMove.xml] - Fix in the structure of MarlonTeleport, It was sending incompatibility errors. - Bot Alchemist Fully fixed [Custom/BotSystem/BotAlquimista.xml] - SmithItem Fully fixed [Custom/SmithItem/SmithItem.xml] - LuckyWheel Fully fixed [Custom/LuckyWheel.xml] - Repair problems with the use of the King of Mu event. - Custom options for pets! [Custom/CustomPet.xml] - System CustomMix [Custom/CustomMix.xml] - Fix Camera Lag. - Add Unicode Support [0-9A-Za-z] [On|Off MainInfo.ini]. - Fix Change Items [Marlon,Guard1,Guard2] - Fix CustomCloak textures. - Change (client/data/custom/rf) folder to (client/data/item) - Added anti-hack [beta] testing system. [MainInfo.ini (on,off)] - Change (client/data/custom/pet) folder to (client/data/item) ======================================== Informacion ======================================== -Videos: https://www.facebook.com/KoshGames -No tiene limites. -Files Season S6. -Files Premium. -Actualmente Update 9. -MaxItem: 512 -MaxRFGloves: 10 -MaxMaps: 100 -Max user (gs/gscs): 1000 -Max Monster: 8.000 -Max CustomMonster: 250 -Max bots: 200 -Soporte Items: [Pet/Gloves/Armors/Wings/Bows/Weapon] ======================================== Instalacion ======================================== -Instalar [Visual c++ Runtime] Edit ip SV: -MuServerKG/ConnectServer/ServerList.dat -MuServerKG/data/MapServerInfo.dat Edit ip Client: -MainInfo/MainInfo.ini [modificar ip y generar MainInfo.exe] ======================================== Descargas ======================================== Update9 [manual]: https://mega.nz/file/yRFQDCIB#4Og3EQEy_5C36yywetbyaE0GTlZmb4JtSyLq6zTx3_M Update 9 full (No esta configurado, ni lleno de customs agregadas, eso esta para hacerlo ustedes.): -MainInfo: https://mega.nz/file/CBckVQYT#C53y2l12D7XVVPiOxctEMOibmDuMlTWhzIbgZzXdwoc -MuServer: https://mega.nz/file/HMESlKzR#03mZG5O-a6uLeSfYTFss6Rjkc2LPrOlP7Gh_RuhBuSw -Tools: https://mega.nz/file/vNU0TAwR#x7KWerFhnr2gftjIpNo4Zw-fPDNHMVV5vG_CHKq9TI8 Cliente FULL UP9 + CustomMap Mega: https://mega.nz/file/fNVGEKoS#hzxZQlG0z-47fXZQwVrCkRQaKYi_HzyIGnVl1fKIS94 Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/f3xjnalivpsz4h8/Cliente+FULL+UP9+++MAPS+CUSTOM+[21.08.2020]+KoshGames.rar/file Cliente FULL UP9 [Sin mapas agregados] Mega: https://mega.nz/file/eJMy1CjK#BOZhMmAjUZl6B8QzvMmnh5egQ07A-IIY8S5WXeg79Rw Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/qzzh93gnxv2ssxe/Cliente+FULL+UP9+Sin+custommaps+[KoshGames].rar/file Cualquier error en coordenada de lorencia o retroceso en la misma cambiar ya que talvez pueda tener algún error. World1,Object1,Terrain1. ======================================== CustomMaps ======================================== MuServer: https://mega.nz/file/vBVkFQAD#_Az8ulzyuLS0t-YORbdKvtrxLrUfTmvpbeFUglYWA5U Cliente: https://mega.nz/file/WMVWRawA#5O5LrF8cH54qBYyrM0G3As-4Wx3HBeu26z6zS0SXM0k ======================================== Interfaces ======================================== Interface S6 Clasica: https://mega.nz/file/7AtXwJyb#uWCcNPxjj2XDwIgIO3S5KWVRX1iI6vLDSzZTHHvvlrw Interface X700 custom: https://mega.nz/file/SR1RSTJa#5PbTJXrtslC7ToJkOANjHl_B3IRUxdLmhE3GwN-s6NA
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